Production facilities


Modern, flexible, efficient

We manufacture everything with a pasty consistency. We are able to mix and fill both homogeneous and chunky products.

The heart of our company is formed, not only by the experience and passion of our employees, but also by our production facilities. Our machinery is state-of-the-art with an average age of 4.5 years. This facilitates the production of a large and versatile product portfolio. In 2015, we manufactured more than 1000 different products on four lines. This linear line design enhances our flexibility. Although we focus on product quality and do not cater for large minimum volumes, we are absolutely efficient and competitive.

Machinery and performance in the production process


We mix products with a pasty consistency. A multihead weighing system is available for particularly sensitive and chunky products.


Filling is implemented with servo- and volume controlled filling systems, which are very gentle on the product.

Shelf life

We preserve with temperature and pH methods: Pasteurisation, sterilisation in a stationary or rotary autoclave or via pH value control.

Packaging and labelling

We fill into different types of glass, cans and plastic bottles and cap TO-lids, plastic lids and cans. Labelling follows with wet glue, hot glue and adhesive glue labels. We package in cartons and trays.

Quality assurance

We already control the quality of our products during production with the help of X-ray scanners, vacuum checkers, metal detectors and control scales.
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